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From the sophisticated coastal towns to the golden sand beaches, Corsica’s diverse coastline is difficult to beat.  And yet, Corsica’s interior hosts other rich sensory experiences.  Corsica’s backbone is made up of mountains, forests, maquis scrub, and plunging rivers.  Corsicans are first and foremost mountain people.  Having been an island constantly under threat from foreigners the Corsicans retreated into the mountains for safety.  It’s here that they learnt to use the wild herbs of the maquis (rosemary, thyme, mint) to flavour their meats, soups, pasta dishes and stews.

At the very heart of the island lies Corte, the ancient capital of Corsica and the former seat of Paoli’s independent government.  With its citadel perched proudly above the landscape and with its ancient winding streets, the town provides the gateway to the mountains.

The Forest of Vizzavona is a stepping-off point onto the famous GR20 walking route, whilst the Castagniccia is the one of the largest chestnut forests in Europe.  Pigs, goats and cows share the roadside, whilst villages perch high upon inaccessible hillsides having seen little change in centuries.

Visit an ancient stone bergerie to taste the local goats and sheep cheeses or sample the local charcuterie. Take Corsica’s most dramatic road journey up through the stunning Spelunca gorge, climb to the top of the Monte Cinto (Corsica’s highest peak at 2706m) or bathe in the crystal-clear mountain river rockpools near the sleepy village of Asco.   It is well worth tearing yourself away from the coastline to experience Corsica’s rugged and characterful interior.


Here are a few samples of the places we love the most in central Corsica:

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